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Move at the new pace of retail

With Walmart Luminate insights, you can understand the customer and optimize omnichannel operations with extraordinary speed and clarity.

Find the sweet spot to activate conversion

With a Walmart Luminate Charter subscription, unlock access to first-party Walmart data and insights to understand your shoppers' behaviors and drivers—and your store and online performance—in new dimensions.

know your customer, know your store

Sharper insights, stronger strategy

Our tools provide a nuanced view into the what, the why, and the where behind every buy—revealing the way forward for customer-centric decision-making.

Walmart Luminate

Our Charter offering delivers an integrated insights ecosystem—with agile tools, a shared view of data with your Walmart Merchant, and deeper knowledge of customers and channels.

Dig deeper into the basket

Uncover richer-than-ever basket insights with transactional data, versus receipt scans. Understand behaviors (from loyalty to switching) to discover unmet customer needs and grow the category.

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