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Learn how to gain deeper knowledge into the customer, categories, and channels that matter most.


Navigating the day: A glimpse into the daily routines of Walmart pick-up and delivery customers

Understand Walmart customers' online pick-up and delivery habits using insights from Walmart Luminate Customer Perception and Channel Performance Charter.

Growth Experience: How Walmart Luminate Charter helps shape decisions at every stage of the product lifecycle

The circle of life applies to products, too. Discover how Walmart Luminate Charter lends support at every stage of the product lifecycle with customer insights and Walmart first-party data.

Case study: American Greetings

Learn how American Greetings leveraged near real-time data using Channel Performance Charter to win Online Pickup and Delivery orders on Valentine’s Day.

Case study: Assortment optimization: Modular mix-up

When in doubt, ask the customer. Learn how Walmart Luminate Customer Perception provided the insights needed to move a new product to an optimal location in the aisle.

Article: Introducing: Walmart Luminate Customer Perception Research Services

The saying goes, the customer is always right, but when you use Walmart Luminate Customer Perception Research Services, it is also: the customer is always heard.

Case study: Product innovation: Perception meets reality

Shopper sentiment can make or break a new product launch. Learn how Walmart Luminate validated customer responses with data for a compelling business case.

Unlock the future: Data collaboration with Walmart Luminate Charter

Collaboration is key in edging out the competition. Learn how synchronized data in Walmart Luminate can help you move faster and make better business decisions.

Introducing the new enhanced Insights Dashboard

Our revamped and enhanced Insights dashboard offers an immersive full business view and more new features designed to tailor your experience. Learn how it can help answer key business questions for you and your team.

Prepping for The Big Game Party

Walmart Luminate uncovers customer strategies for the Big Game during inflation: Home celebrations, digital recipes, and smaller gatherings take center stage.

Driving success with data: Walmart Luminate's key milestones from FY24

We were hard at work during FY24, and Walmart Luminate has a lot to show for it. Learn more about the advancements, enhancements, and updates we made and the milestones we hit.

Sanofi Health Care and Wellness: Walmart Department Dynamics

Just one Shopper Behavior report helped Sanofi dive deeply into health care and wellness category analysis. Learn more about the insights revealed with Performance in Detail.

Article: Introducing the Compare feature in Walmart Luminate Customer Perception

Build surveys using quantitative reports and review consumer responses more intuitively in Customer Perception. Learn how the Compare feature can help you gain deeper understanding of your survey results and audience.

Kraft Heinz: Condiments aisle flow adjacency analysis

When Kraft Heinz noticed inconsistent and incorrect aisle flow across Walmart stores, they worked with their Merchant to get to the bottom of the problem.

Kimberly Clark: Data-Driven Merchandising

Creating a better shopping experience is always a good idea. Discover how Kimberly-Clark leveraged customer data and remapped the modular to meet customer needs and add excitement at the shelf.

Upfield: Customer-centric distribution

Brand-loyal shoppers struggled to find their favorite Violife products in their Walmart stores. Read how Upfield zeroed in on product, shopper, and store-level sales data to help fill in the assortments gaps and improve customer experience.

Pulmuone: Leveraging Walmart Luminate Charter for Joint Business Planning

Do you really know who your customers are? Pulmuone dug deep into data with Walmart Luminate Charter to identify their category shoppers and discover new ways to meet their needs.

Georgia-Pacific: Identifying an Inflation-Fighter Pack

Listening to customers is crucial to winning. Through shopper feedback and insights from Walmart Luminate Charter, Georgia-Pacific pinpointed consumer needs and launched a new product to meet them.

Kenvue: First aid: Clean, treat, and protect

Combining messaging with a new modular and campaign activations enabled Kenvue to educate customers on proper wound care and grow in the category. Learn how the did it.

Solenis: Using data for deeper conversations

When Solenis heard rumblings about being delisted, they knew they had to act fast to stay on the shelf. Discover how Customer Perception and Channel Performance Charter helped this supplier save its season—and its outlook.

Mondelez: Cracker consumer and shopper assessment

How do you unlock category growth for a best selling product? Learn how Mondelez discovered new ways to enhance the assortment and grow by digging into cracker and cookie shopper data.

Post Consumer Brands: Calculating modular-level assortment change impacts

Learn how Post Consumer Brands leveraged Walmart Luminate Charter to make data-driven assortment recommendations at the item level.

Case Study: Securing your spot at the dinner table through valuable customer feedback

How one Walmart Merchant is keeping customer feedback the centerpiece of sales and inventory planning this holiday season.

The Sweetness of spooky season: An in-depth look at Halloween candy shopper trends

All treats, no tricks. Walmart Luminate Shopper Behavior digs into Halloween candy popularity state by state. Learn which sweets come out on top.

Summer playtime trends: How first-party data helps brands thrive in a customer-centric world

Explore what’s hot for summer toys and see how Walmart Luminate can dive into the trends to deliver actionable, customer-centric insights for your brands.

How Walmart Luminate Shopper Behavior reports deliver a new breadth & depth of transactional data

With 17+ reports delivering crucial metrics and key insights, Shopper Behavior is the key to understanding the profiles and behaviors of your category and brand shoppers.

Ebook: Plan to succeed

Discover how Walmart's first-party sales and inventory data from every channel can help you sidestep common forecasting pitfalls, improve performance, and succeed.

Case study: Hygiene on the go

Store placement can be key to product success. Read how one supplier leveraged Walmart Luminate Shopper Behavior reports to pinpoint the right space for their products.

Product innovation: Spreading solutions case study

When it seems like two problems need the same answer, Walmart Luminate Shopper Behavior sures up your conclusions.

Guide: Research best practices & better customer insights with Walmart Luminate

Explore how asking the right audience the right questions can yield richer insights that can inform crucial business decisions.

Video: Walmart Luminate Shopper Behavior overview

See the what behind the buy. Reveal the customer journey to reimagine your shopper experience with Walmart Luminate.

Ebook: Unraveling unreliable data in online market research

In this illuminating ebook, learn how to move beyond the noise and get the crucial insights needed to make customer-centric decisions. The secret sauce? Engaged respondents with verified purchase behaviors.

Product innovation: Chocolate choices case study

Learn how a pretty sweet supplier targeted an opportunity to grow from their space on the shelf, thanks to Walmart Luminate Shopper Behavior reports.

Video: Walmart Luminate Channel Performance Charter overview

See the where of the buy in full omni detail. Discover how Channel Performance can help you leverage data science insights to receive the crucial business insights you need.

Case study: Evolving the targeting approach

When one supplier acquires a similar brand in their category, the Merchant wants to understand any potential overlap. With Walmart Luminate, they create a holistic approach.

Video: Walmart Luminate product overview

Walmart Luminate provides Merchants and suppliers access to deep, first-party customer and store insights to fuel smarter, faster decision-making.

Article: How Walmart customers will celebrate Valentine's Day 2023

Love is in the air, but how are folks going to celebrate Valentine’s Day? We surveyed our Walmart Customer Spark Community for a sneak peek at their Cupid-fueled purchases and plans.

Case study: Driving incremental sales with shopping basket analysis

A Walmart supplier wants to pitch an opportunity to drive incremental sales by creating a regimen between Product A and Product B in the same category.

Video: Walmart Luminate Customer Perception overview

See the why behind the buy with new clarity. Better customer conversations await you with Walmart Luminate.

Case study: Branching out

What happens when one product changes the way customers shop for everything in the basket?

Case study: Fir finery

Seasonal festivities bring out upmarket behaviors across many categories. So, how can you better position your products and branch out to aspirational audiences?

Product innovation: Don't get duped case study

When Merchants and suppliers have access to the same rich retail data insights, they can make timely and transformative decisions together. Discover how making modular shifts, testing new product concepts, and more can happen with more confidence.

Article: Five trends in retail data insights for 2023 and beyond

As companies rely more on data, it will become more important for them to keep up with its evolution.

Case study: Designing decisions

On shelves, you can only do so much to stage products in a way that reflects customer decision making. Online? That’s a different story. Read how Shopper Behavior can reveal insights behind customer choices.

Case study: Flavor over form

When customers can’t find an item, they switch to the next best thing. Learn how anticipating what they reach for can help keep sales in your category.

Idea book: Innovation essentials

By surveying 400 verified customers in our Walmart Customer Spark Community, we learned how shoppers discovered new household products—and how confident they felt they'd repurchase them.

Deep dive: Table manners: Bringing value to the table with sharper insights

Discover how Walmart Luminate Shopper Behavior reports can detail how customers are planning to shift spending and shopping habits to make their dollar stretch further this Thanksgiving.

Case study: Making the most of the meal

A Walmart Merchant wanted to understand whether seasonal roasters (whole poultry) deserved valuable shelf space among competing offerings. Read how Walmart Luminate Shopper Behavior helped reveal metrics he needed to quantify how valuable roasters were to customers, not just his bottom line.

Case study: All about the bird

The centerpiece of Thanksgiving dinner is the subject this case study. Learn how a Merchant used Walmart Luminate Shopper Behavior to dig into holiday buying behaviors.

Case study: Looking back

In a product pickle? Read how a Merchant used Walmart Luminate Shopper Behavior reports to inform the launch strategy for a new product on the heels of a shortage in the category.

Idea book: Honed for the holidays

Whether you’re a supplier tracking the success of holiday items or a Merchant analyzing the performance of the entire category, learn how Walmart Luminate can provide the insights you need to collaborate closely and make quicker decisions.

Article: 2022 back-to-school trends

When it's time to load up on school supplies, do you shop online or in the store? Learn about Back to School shopping trends and explore how our community plans to tackle their lists.

Case study: We need a bigger bottle

A larger bottle of bleach reached out to price-sensitive shoppers. Learn how a Merchant discovered the opportunity for sales growth with Walmart Luminate Shopper Behavior.

Navigating back-to-class season: Understanding customer sentiment with Walmart Luminate Customer Perception

We've uncovered new insights around back-to-class season that bring to light opportunities for suppliers and how they can adapt to changing customer trends.

Deep dive: Introducing the upgraded Vendor Scorecard

The report you know, now with powerful new features. Explore deeper omni-data, quicker pulls, and enhanced automation with Channel Performance Report Builder.

Use case: Assortment Deep Dive in action

The Assortment Deep Dive report in Shopper Behavior leverages best-in-class data science to link the products we carry to the needs of our customers. This helps us make faster, better-informed choices that truly reflect customer preferences as we build our assortments.

Case study: Walmart first-party data and analytics and Hershey

Take a peek into how Walmart Luminate is driving collaboration and innovation with omnichannel visibility for one of the sweetest companies around.

Deep dive: Near real-time APIs

When DSD suppliers don’t have the latest inventory metrics, in-store and pick-up sales are lost—and customers lose long-term confidence. It’s time to flip this story—with near real time inventory metrics.

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