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Tropicana Brands: Listening to the customer has never been easier

A lost and found sales story

This case study was shared live at theWalmart Data Ventures Inspire Event, October 17, 2023.

The mission of the Tropicana Brands Advising Team is to provide internal and external customers with best-in-class insights, strategy, and thought leadership on the chilled beverage customer and category. To better understand and improve the shopping experience specifically related to on-shelf availability in this category, Tropicana turned to Walmart Luminate Charter.  

Shining a light on incremental opportunities

Because traditional on-hand metrics don’t always provide true product availability, the Tropicana Brands Advising Team leveraged Channel Performance APIs to provide insights that quantified lost sales opportunities:

  • Analysis identified 1% of stores driving 10% of lost dollars
  • 40% of stores accounted for 80% of all lost dollars 
  • Leverages known and projected data to find opportunity stores and items 
  • Creates actionable insights while differentiating supply chain from store level issues
  • Driven by the power of Walmart Luminate omni daily store/item data
  • Forecasted using day-adjusted shopping patterns to identify statistically significant sales outliers
  • Leveraging a multifaced approach can lead to a consistent measurement of progress in addressing in store opportunities

Immediate impact

These rich insights can help Tropicana Brands make steps towards improved performance at the store and shelf level:

  • Identified 40 triage stores with severe and pervasive poor shelf conditions to engage suppliers with correction action
  • Located trapped inventory in 1,178 stores (no sales >8 weeks)
  • Leveraged key insights to influence front-end and single-serve strategy
  • Tracked first rollback event and identified baseline lift rates for future events (32% sales lift despite massive in stock risks)
  • Segmented and clustered stores by opportunity, to be used in spring modular strategy

Read the Tropicana case study to learn how Walmart Luminate Charter helped improve the shopping and shelf experience.


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