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Walmart Luminate

Channel Performance

See the where of the buy in new granularity—because in a world of endless consumer choice, availability is everything.

Omni-data living up to its name

Broaden your channel view with breakdowns across in-store, delivery, pick up, ship to home or store, and ship from store. And explore unique operational metrics including nil picks, post subs, and pre subs.

Built for your business

Gain deeper knowledge from Channel Performance’s wide breadth of operation data in a way that works best for you—through headless access (data feeds and near real-time APIs) or with our Insights Dashboard and Report Builder.

Designed for discovery

Leverage data science insights to receive the crucial business insights you need. Set custom alerts according to performance thresholds, schedule recurring key reports, and more.

Experience the omni-data difference

Watch how Channel Performance can help deliver rich operational data like never before. Want to discover how your business can benefit from deeper omni-channel insights?

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