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customer perception

Walmart Luminate

Customer Perception

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The why behind the buy is waiting for you with easy access to conversations with verified Walmart shoppers. Target with confidence and analyze with ease using our agile research tools.

Walmart Customer Spark Community

Leave the panel behind

Engage with our Walmart Customer Spark Community to hear from just the right customers: all the way down to verified transactions by UPC or specific Walmart stores.

accelerated insights

Accelerated insights

With our uniquely engaged community, our surveys see an average response rate of 30-40% and complete in as little as 1-2 days.

voice of the customer

Agile research, delivered

Capture the Voice of the Customer with quantitative studies, quick video surveys, and more. And with intuitive tools and the option for additional research support from our experts, you don’t need to be a market researcher to dive in.

Turn up the volume on customer voice

Watch how Customer Perception is delivering a new research experience. Want to learn how you can leverage ongoing customer conversations to grow your brand?

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