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Case study: American Greetings

How leveraging near real-time data improved online orders for Valentine’s Day

Near real-time data with Walmart Luminate Channel Performance Charter reshaped the season of love for American Greetings in a significant way. Learn how it helped drive Online Pickup and Delivery (OPD) sales and improve customer experience for this Pay From Scan (PFS) supplier.

The opportunity: 

PFS suppliers restock their own inventory in Walmart stores, which can create a gap in data visibility between them and Walmart. This increases the potential for incomplete OPD orders and can lead to lost sales and dissatisfied customers.

American Greetings, a PFS supplier, was on the lookout for a solution to avoid empty shelves, incomplete orders, and unhappy customers. They leveraged Inventory Action Capture (IAC) in Channel Performance Charter to bridge the gap between at-the-shelf actions and Walmart’s data visibility.

The approach:

IAC enabled American Greetings to send near real-time inventory data to Walmart to ensure their products were appropriately stocked to support Online Pickup and Delivery (OPD) orders.  Valentine’s Day, one of the busiest time periods for the greeting card category, was the perfect opportunity to put IAC to the test. ​

The results: 

The results were heartwarming and successful—American Greetings saw their OPD sales increase by 141% from last year, and their pre-sub rate (meaning customers received the correct items without substitution) improved by 15 points.

Feb 1-14/2024 vs LY​
OPD Sales / Store ​ Pre-Sub Rate Improvement*​
Total Walmart Valentines Cards​
American Greetings Valentines Cards​ +141%​ +15 points​
All Other Valentine Cards​ +17%​ -8 points​

The near real-time data advantage of Channel Performance Charter not only improved inventory visibility for American Greetings but also enhanced their ability to make smarter, agile decisions. Now they are better prepared to complete OPD orders and win the hearts of customers again and again.