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Walmart Luminate

Digital Landscapes

Reveal insights into a customer's journey before they buy. Pre-purchase behavioral data can help you discover how they search for, consider, and select your products on Walmart.com and the Walmart mobile app.
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Source of Traffic

Discover where your traffic comes from, whether it is through external pages or Walmart search.

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Funnel Insights

See new conversion funnel insights that can reveal shoppers’ path-to-purchase, including milestones along the way like product page views and cart additions.

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Peak Traffic

Learn when customers are most likely to convert and tailor your marketing around their schedule.

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Share of Sessions

Understand how your performance stacks up against your category benchmarks, and track engagement trends over time.

Every shopper, every session

See how Digital Landscapes reveals where, when, and how customers shop – even when they don’t make a transaction.

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Introducing Walmart Luminate Digital Landscapes: Pre-purchase perspectives

Our latest innovation dials into pre-purchase behaviors to reveal insights into how customers find and shop for your products. Explore how Digital Landscapes can help shape decisions to enhance the top of your sales funnel and improve conversions.