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Introducing Concept Tests in Customer Perception

Easily test multiple products at once to understand what resonates with your target shopper

Walmart Luminate Customer Perception is launching a new Concept Test question format that allows you to easily test up to four products at once in a single study. This format gives you the ability to test customer reactions to product characteristics like colors and flavors, and other elements like branding and messaging, before your products ever see a Walmart aisle.

True-to-form Concept Test methodology gives you more control over how you test product ideas, go-to-market strategies, and more with your survey audience.  Concept Test questions are presented in random order to your respondents to ensure varied and unbiased answers.  You can decide whether you’d like to test a limited number of concepts in a single study with each respondent, or whether to test all concepts with all audiences, improving the robustness of your study. This new methodology gives you more control over how you test your product features and ideas with your audiences, reducing the number of studies you need to run to get answers to your questions. Test out features, brand messaging, positioning, and more, answering questions like:

  • Which brand messaging best characterizes the value of my product?

  • What flavors or fragrances do my customers prefer?

  • Do my customers understand the use cases for my product?

  • Is this product something that my most loyal customers will enjoy?

Explore how this enhanced tool will help you drive more data-based decisions for customer-centric product choices.