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Walmart Luminate

Shopper Behavior

Know the what behind the buy with first-party Walmart data insights about your brand and category. Diagnose performance, understand behaviors, and optimize planning with new acuity.

Find the pulse of your performance

Explore the impact of hourly or daily trends, store and ecomm breakouts, and more through a suite of robust reports.

Evolve with your customer

Stay in sync with distinct shopper profiles, from loyalists to switchers to trialists. Harvest the insights you need to engage or reengage different groups.

Collaborate and innovate with new confidence

With Shopper Behavior, Walmart Merchants and suppliers share a single source of truth in basket data that enables more seamless decision-making for new products and promotions.

Dig deeper in customer's baskets

Explore how Shopper Behavior’s breadth and depth of first-party data delivers actionable insights. Want to learn more about how it can all come to life for your brand?

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