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Case study: We need a bigger bottle

Understanding customer's actions is key for retailers eager to build product loyalty, but customer insights can be elusive. That's where Walmart Luminate comes in

The opportunity

A Walmart Merchant discovered an opportunity in bleach for a larger bottle aimed at price-sensitive customers. They moved quickly to launch a new product but had to be sure the offering contributed to category growth without cannibalizing sales from other bottle brands.

Walmart Luminate Shopper Behavior clarified the customer stories and provided much more than the Merchant was looking for.

The insights

With some quick analysis, the Merchant determined that the entire category grew by 9%* in sales. Over 54% of buyers for the new item were new customers to the category. Almost 20% of customers also traded up to other national brand products.

The result

The story was clear. The bigger bleach bottle was a meaningful new entry point that brought new customers to the whole category.

Flow racks filled with labeled brown boxes at a warehouse or Fulfillment Center


*Walmart first-party data, 2022.