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Post Consumer Brands: Calculating modular-level assortment change impacts

How to optimize assortment and improve customer experience

This case study was shared live at theWalmart Data Ventures Inspire Event, October 17, 2023.

Post Consumer Brands turned to Walmart Luminate to fine-tune assortment recommendations that align with modular-level execution. They tapped into Channel Performance Charter and Shopper Behavior Assortment Deep Dive for a better understanding of precise incrementality and cannibalization estimations—all in service of optimizing assortment choices and improving Walmart customer experience.

Establish a baseline

To determine current store modulars and assortments, Post Consumer Brands used Channel Performance Charter to access modular information, and Shopper Behavior Assortment Deep Dive to calculate category impacts due to assortment changes—all while focusing on space-based recommendations to ensure changes would be practical for in-store use. They did this for each modular in each category to ensure tailored recommendations for every product group.

Channel Performance dialed in on these key metrics:

  • Modular category description
  • Modular width
  • Modular plan title description
  • Assignment timestamp
  • Store number
Model changes 

Post Consumer Brands then followed these steps with the Customer Priority report in Shopper Behavior Assortment Deep Dive:

  • Establish baseline model
  • Import store groups
  • Run report
  • Import assortment groups
  • Import plan sizes
  • Import/fine tune Customer Decision Tree

The results

Shopper Behavior Assortment Deep Dive also allowed them to test changes to the assortment by plan size and store group. These changes could be made at the total assortment level or at a modular group level. Post Consumer Brands then exported this data and aggregated the results. They applied cannibalization from the Assortment Deep Dive analysis to item velocity assumptions to determine incremental impact to the category.

This analysis provides a more holistic view of the category, leading to data-driven assortment recommendations at the item level. The end result is a total category impact that can lead to more satisfying shopping experiences for customers. Explore Post Consumer Brands' case study to see in detail how Channel Performance and Shopper Behavior Assortment Deep Dive made all the difference.


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