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Article: Introducing the new enhanced Insights Dashboard

Experience elevated business strategy with Channel Performance Charter

The first step of developing new strategies is evaluating your business' performance right now. Are there ways to maximize your most popular brand? Is a best-selling product out of stock in key stores? With our revamped and improved Insights Dashboard, you can zero in on these questions quickly and identify new ways to grow your business at Walmart.


The Insights Dashboard introduces an immersive full business view that delivers your business’s data in a more accessible way. Personalize your view according to what level of granularity you’re interested in, and slice and dice data by item, brand, state, or store with intuitive filters and dropdowns. With just a few clicks you can understand things like stores with high nil pick rates across the US and compare that with in-stock percentages—is there a stock issue or an operational opportunity that needs to be addressed? 

Bigger picture, better view

Because the dashboard is built for you and your whole team, everyone can experience and benefit from its full business view. Executives and decision makers have access to performance data that can help them ask their team the right questions. Meanwhile, analysts and managers can drill down from Department-level data all the way to Item for further analysis. Intuitive hierarchy selection can filter your business portfolio by Department, Category, and Sub-Category to offer an added layer of distinction that can help deliver a nuanced perspective for strategic decision making.

Once you’ve personalized your view, you can save it for future use. Set yourself up for quicker insights from the same data that your Walmart Merchant sees. Just imagine how this could impact your next Line Review or strategic alignment session.

Metrics that matter 

Think of the Insights Dashboard as a tool that can help reveal answers to your most pressing questions. Looking to stay up to date on how customers purchase your products? Adding pre-canned time frames and sorting relevant metrics in a tabular format lets you compare business performance against standard timeframes. This takes out the guess work so you can identify if a pattern is seasonal or a long-term trend. This can be crucial with holiday planning. Plus, understanding when spikes began and tapered off can help you plan for next season better than before. 

Built for the pace of retail

The level of personalization and customization integrated into the enhanced Insights Dashboard makes it easier to zero-in on opportunities and have better conversations with Merchants. With this more accessible view of your data, you can fuel faster decision making that can help you better understand—and grow—your business at Walmart. 

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