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Unlock the future: Data collaboration with Walmart Luminate Charter

Explore how Walmart Luminate Charter is transforming data challenges into competitive advantages for suppliers in a rapidly evolving business landscape.

The world is changing, and the way we harness data is the catalyst for an unprecedented revolution in business strategy. 

Now more than ever, the ability to analyze data and draw insights from it is critical for companies that want to grow and innovate. In this era of data-driven decisions, we must also acknowledge the shifting dynamics: heightened customer skepticism; backlash against major tech players, and the constant evolution of data protection and privacy regulations. 

While the concept of streamlined strategy through synchronized data seems straightforward, the reality is anything but. A Capital One survey places this bare fact into sharp relief — businesses are overwhelmed with the task of data management, with a striking 82% saying that controlling and forecasting data costs were challenging, and 76% struggling to find meaning in the numbers they hold.

Collaborate differently

Walmart Luminate Charter isn't just a tool—it's the key to turning these modern complexities into your competitive advantage. Our suite of products delivers an integrated insights ecosystem with a shared view of data with your Walmart Merchant, a deeper knowledge of customers and channels, and enhances your ability to strategize effectively. This technology allows you to:

  1. Analyze with precision: Shoppers often give priority to brands they are familiar with when looking for items they need and want. Walmart Luminate’s Shopper Behavior tool offers useful insights about the preferences, habits, and behaviors of your category, brand, and customers – all to help you reach one goal: gain better understanding of your shoppers. Our growing catalog of reports helps you understand these shopping patterns and empowers marketers and salespeople to tailor their brand strategy to create personalized experiences for customers. This in turn has the potential to boost ROI. It’s all about offering what the customer might need or want next, whether that’s product pairings for their purchase, showing them alternative options for brand-switching, or leveraging their brand loyalty. With this understanding, you can confidently set new benchmarks for your brand's success. 

  2. Ideate with direct customer input: Collecting qualitative and quantitative feedback is one of the most valuable steps when looking to get a better idea of how shoppers use and feel about your brand. This feedback can help identify how you are performing in key areas like product availability, quality, and innovation. Our Customer Perception tool gives you access to our invite-only Walmart Customer Spark Community of verified shoppers, where you can ask the right types of questions via custom-built surveys, collect direct feedback, and even compare results with custom views.

  3. Navigate the retail landscape: Understanding where your sales are coming from by category and brand, and seeing which channels are driving change, are key insights for driving category growth. To stay ahead in the game and create a seamless experience for customers, many suppliers are turning to retail data to understand where customers are shopping. Walmart Luminate’s Channel Performance tool tracks performance across channels to allow you and your Walmart Merchants to quickly address foundational operational factors with features like external report sharing and the latest API endpoints. With that information in hand, you can then take proactive steps in terms of marketing and merchandising to meet shoppers where they are.

Dive into a new era of growth with Walmart Luminate’s web-based, interactive tool to stay ahead of the competition. Because when Merchants and suppliers have access to the same rich retail data insights, they can make swift, impactful decisions in unison.

Don't let your competition get ahead. Sign up now for a demo of Walmart Luminate and start shaping the future of your brand today.