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Introducing: Image Capture in Walmart Luminate Customer Perception

See how customers are using your products

Now you can see how your products are used by customers as part of Walmart Luminate Customer Perception research. Image Capture is a new question type that enhances quantitative surveys by providing an inside look at how Walmart customers are using your products, deepening your ability to conduct product testing, including innovation or renovation.

With Image Capture, ask customers for images to easily gain insights into:

  • Product usage: understand exactly how your products are used in the customer’s environment

  • Product feedback: gather visual feedback and insights for future product development

  • Brand perception: understand how your brand is perceived and what adjustments are needed to align with customer expectations

  • Advertising effectiveness: review uploaded images of ads customers have seen, both off and online, to understand their shopping journey and gauge the effectiveness of various campaigns, brand recall, and the impact of advertising campaigns

  • Trend identification: customers can be asked to share products, styles, or trends they’ve adopted, helping to inform product development, marketing, and brand positioning

Through double-opt in features available in Customer Perception, survey audiences will be able to choose whether they want to participate or not at the beginning of your research project and right before they are asked to share an image. In the event they prefer not to share an image, they will be directed to the next question. 

Now, you can gain additional context about how and where your products are being used, how they appear after use for a real-life before-and-after comparison, and even the impact that your product has on the user or their environment.

Ready for a deeper understanding of your products with insights only verified Walmart customers can provide? Check out quantitative surveys with Image Capture today! If you’re ready to get started today but are unsure of where to start, reach out to our Research Team by clicking on the question mark at the top right corner of the screen and selecting Contact a Researcher.

To learn more, reach out to your Account Manager or Account Services.