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Introducing Sales Analysis certification for Walmart Luminate Charter

Learn the skills needed to gain deeper, more meaningful insights from your sales data

Earlier this year, we launched our first user certification for Walmart Luminate and have seen over 200 individuals complete their Replenishment Analysis certification. We’re thrilled to announce the continued strengthening of the Walmart Luminate Certification program with the introduction of our second user certification: Sales Analysis.

This course guides you through critical topics such as customer behavior, sales channels, item performance, assortment analytics, retail pricing, promotional impact, demand forecasting, and brand analysis. Each of these learnings will help you gain the skills and expertise needed to:

  • Conduct a thorough analysis of your product line to gather valuable insights for informed decision-making strategies

  • Examine customer behavior to assist you in making product assortment decisions

  • Track product performance while using a comprehensive view of customer segments

The Walmart Luminate Certification programs are designed by the team who builds our products, and each certification is made to help you better understand your data and reap the most benefit from our products. Ready to dig deeper into your sales data and gain meaningful insights that will assist you in making more customer-centric decisions?