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Product innovation: Spreading solutions case study

Analyze new product potential with Walmart Luminate Shopper Behavior reports to make decisions backed by transactional data

When it seems like two problems need the same answer, Walmart Luminate Shopper Behavior reports can sure up your conclusions. Discover how a Merchant homed in on a gap in options for price-sensitive shoppers and seized the opportunity for a new product launch.

The opportunity

In 2022 a Walmart Merchant led a successful launch of a private-label cleaning product in one aisle:

  • Over 70% of new product sales came from new-to-category customers
  • The item had an index of 115 with price-sensitive customers

The environment seemed right for the same play in another aisle, but deeper category understanding was required.

The insights

The Assortment Deep Dive Customer Decision Tree and Add Order reports in Shopper Behavior revealed:

  • A clear gap in options* for price-sensitive customers, including price points and sizes
  • Consistent under-indexing from other brands with the price-sensitive customer segment
  • Similar assortment and customer behavior conditions to the initial product launch

The results

With past successes confirmed and underlying category conditions made clear, the Merchant secured private label production plans for the new product which is poised to launch later in 2023.


*Walmart Luminate first-party data: Q3 FY '23