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Upfield: Customer-centric distribution

Bridging assortment gaps with Walmart Luminate Charter

This case study was shared live at theWalmart Data Ventures Inspire Event, October 17, 2023.

Upfield leveraged Walmart Luminate Charter to assist in addressing one of their customers’ pain points: finding all Violife brand products in their Walmart store. Brand-loyal shoppers often experienced inconsistency in product availability, and this became a concern for both Violife’s brand growth and customer satisfaction.  

Walmart Luminate Shopper Behavior and Channel Performance emerged as pivotal tools that examined and consolidated product, shopper, and store-level sales data. Insights gleaned from this data could then act as a single source of truth for Walmart Merchants and lay the foundation for unified assortment recommendations. 

First, Channel Performance provided store-level sales and inventory data that confirmed the need for a new assortment approach. Next, Shopper Behavior helped shape recommendations in four steps:

  • Run the Where Sold report
  • Index stores
  • Create a ranking
  • Cross reference by distribution center

The insights revealed through Walmart Luminate enabled Upfield to make a consistent store list recommendation for all Merchants—one that crosses five distinct categories, and each overseen by four dedicated buyers with four strategies. Once adopted, customers will know which stores will carry their preferred Violife products, and Merchants could see potential increases in GMROI, velocities, market share, and customer satisfaction.

Explore the Upfield case study to learn more.


Proprietary First-Party Data, Walmart Luminate 2023