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Case study: Designing decisions

On shelves, you can only do so much to stage products in a way that reflects customer decision making. Online? That’s a different story. Read how Shopper Behavior can reveal insights behind the buying patterns of customers

First-aid focus

While analyzing search behaviors and the buying patterns of customers on Walmart.com, one supplier discovered that shoppers encountered their products more frequently through category searches, rather than brand. 

These results led the supplier to run a Customer Decision Tree in Shopper Behavior Assortment Deep Dive. Their goal was to better understand the intricate customer decision-making process for the category. 

Designed to deliver

The decision tree made the most likely customer decision paths clear. The supplier optimized “N-Ups” based on the order of these decisions, mapping one “click” to every decision point for an optimal experience.

Now products from this supplier are displayed with options that map to decisions customers are already likely to make—delivering a smoother shopping experience, and path to purchase.