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Introducing Walmart Luminate Digital Landscapes: Pre-purchase perspectives

Know your customer better with insights into how they find, consider, and select your products before they buy

How do customers find your products online? It’s a big question made more accessible with insights from Walmart Luminate Digital Landscapes. This new module within Walmart Luminate is a self-service solution that reveals insights into the digital behaviors of online Walmart shoppers. 

Digital Landscapes fills in the gaps at the beginning of the customer journey. Pre-purchase behavioral data powered by Walmart.com and the Walmart mobile app lends new insights and an earlier perspective around how customers find, consider, and choose your products. Visibility into where, when, and how they find your products and shop for them—even if they don’t make a transaction—can give you better understanding of how customers can be more effectively converted. You can also see how your products and brands stack up against the competition by comparing them against the best and median in the category.

Early insights to enhance your sales funnel

Now you can learn even more about how shoppers find your products before making a purchase decision with insights including:

  • Where your shoppers start their journey to find your products
  • When they find you
  • How your product compares to others in the category
  • What your shoppers’ path to purchase looks like

The ability to see where your shoppers start their journey to find your products allows you to see what is driving traffic—from external sources, Walmart.com and mobile app search, and more. Guided by these metrics, you can decide how to allocate your digital ad spend knowing how customers are most likely to find your products.

By looking at daily engagement trends, you can see when your customers are most actively building their carts and buying products. You can use these insights to optimize what days to prioritize ad spend based on when your target customers are in the market. 

Digital Landscapes’ Session Share reveals insights about how your products compare to others in the category. This feature benchmarks what share of all shopping sessions included page views, cart additions, and purchases of your products against the rest of the category. Gauging your performance against the best and median products in the market and tracking this information over time lets you investigate differences between how often shoppers look at your product on a Product Detail Page (PDP) versus their likelihood of buying it to find conversion gaps and opportunities. Armed with this information, you can make better decisions about how to position your products, how close you are to closing gaps between your brand and others, and when you are most likely to make a sale.

The Session Conversion feature helps you see what the milestones are along your customers’ path-to-purchase, like product page views, additions to their cart, and how often they make a purchase. You’ll also be able to track these metrics over time, which means you can check the health of your digital media strategy and refine ads targeting online shoppers to boost your reach. 

Knowing what the customer journey looks like reveals insight into their behaviors. This is key if you want to diagnose high-leverage areas for funnel improvement at the start or end of the path-to-purchase and track funnel performance over time to understand how and where your efforts make an impact.

Until now, insights were focused on what we could learn after a purchase was made. Now with the ability to track online shopper behavior before a purchase, you can explore new strategies to put your business in a better position to convert and succeed.

Read our eBook to discover how Digital Landscapes can reveal new pre-purchase insights to help you enhance your sales funnel and improve online conversions.