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Walmart Luminate User Certifications

Expand your capabilities with this exclusive benefit

Our Walmart Luminate User Certification program is designed by the team who builds it all to help you delve deeper into the data and reap the most benefit from our products. And it's the only official way for users to gain certification with Walmart Luminate. It's exclusive to Walmart Luminate Charter subscribers and the key to unlocking the full potential—and value—of our products.

Grow in your role and gain new expertise

Your Walmart Luminate Charter subscription opens up new levels of learning and lets you progress into advanced areas of data analysis that can set you apart and set you up for success. Dig into tips and tricks and enhance your skills to leverage the data, and our products, to the fullest. Plus, with annual recertification, your knowledge stays up to date so you’re always ahead of the curve.

Achieve official recognition

Certification comes with a dose of acclaim, too. You will receive a badge when you complete your certification, ready to showcase your accomplishment on social media. Sharpen your skills and increase your knowledge in areas like:  

A business team discussing data
Replenishment Analysis​​
Available now
Woman focusing on her laptop during a business meeting
Sales Analysis
Coming soon
Two colleagues meeting another individual
Account Management
Coming soon
Two colleagues working together to solve a problem
Customer & Shopper Insights
Coming soon
Two business individuals discussing analysis
Category Advisory​
Coming soon

It's time to set yourself apart. Ready to level up?

Explore available certifications on Walmart Luminate Learn.