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Kenvue: Clean, treat, and protect

Educating first-aid customers and growing baskets

This case study was shared live at theWalmart Data Ventures Inspire Event, October 17, 2023.

Kenvue wanted to help prevent infection and minimize scarring from wounds. They learned only 40% of consumers felt prepared, and even though 90% of the US population gets hurt every year, only 3% complete the full recommended wound care regimen: 

  • Clean with an antiseptic
  • Treat with an antibiotic
  • Protect with an adhesive bandage

Delve into shopper behaviors

Kenvue’s first move was to leverage Walmart Luminate to identify D40 shoppers and learn if those customers would respond to a wound care bundle of products that clean, treat, and protect. They used Customer Perception to survey shoppers in the Walmart Customer Spark Community and then moved to Shopper Behavior to understand the number of baskets containing antiseptics, antibiotics, and adhesive bandages. Shopper Behavior revealed enough overlap to validate their idea of positioning these products together to complement the clean, treat, protect message and grow baskets.

Message meets activation

Kenvue partnered with Walmart Connect to launch campaigns that would visually group the key products together and help educate consumers about wound care. The digital campaign came first with display banners, social media amplification, influencer posts, and a first-ever first aid category page on Walmart.com. 

Next came a new approach to the products' in-store presence. A rework of the modular moved antiseptics, antibiotics, and adhesive bandages in line with wound care steps. Educational and navigational shelf signage helped reinforce this, along with stand-out product displays. Over 80% of store operators adopted these changes during the summer season.

The results

While they tested their idea in Customer Perception, Shopper Behavior helped Kenvue pinpoint the opportunity, track performance, and measure the eventual results—a 15.5% increase in basket growth, year over year. Kenvue succeeded in imbedding an educational element into the everyday shopping experience. Explore the Kenvue case study to learn more.


Proprietary First-Party Data, Walmart Luminate 2023