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The sweetness of spooky season: An in-dept look at Halloween candy shopper trends

Analyze the most popular Halloween candies across the country. From SNICKERS in California to Reese’s in New York, see which treats are most popular in each state.

Every year as Halloween approaches, candy sales soar and stores are flooded with customers in search of the 'best' candy. Whether it's classic chocolate bars, chewy fruit-flavored treats, or sour candies, Walmart customers are stocking up on their favorite sweets to hand out to trick-or-treaters.

To find out which candy is most popular in each state, we analyzed shopper data using Walmart Luminate Charter. Here’s what we unwrapped with Shopper Behavior:

  • The Hershey Company’s Reese’s Cups is the most popular candy in 24 states, while SNICKERS, a Mars brand, is the most popular in 18.
  • Walmart shoppers in 43 states purchase chocolate-based Halloween candy over any other type of candy.
Most Popular Halloween Candy by State
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1Walmart first-party data provided by Walmart Luminate, Q4 FY2024. Reflecting 9/10/2022 to 9/8/2023.